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Canada election: Social media react to Trudeau's win – Al Jazeera English

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Justin Trudeau has won a second term as Canada’s prime minister after a closely fought general election. 

Trudeau’s Liberal Party took the most seats in Parliament, but were reduced to a minority government, meaning it would have to form an alliance with one or more smaller parties in order to govern a fractured nation.

As the results came in early on Tuesday, there was a mixed reaction on Twitter. 

Supporters in Canada and abroad congratulated Trudeau, but there was also criticism, with some alluding to the recent scandals that rocked the incumbent’s election campaign.

“Congrats for a second term Justin Trudeau! Better is always possible. Let these next four years be greater. Let’s move forward,” wrote Nancy Boyoko. 

“Trudeau being re-elected was the probably the best Canada could realistically do tonight,” another Twitter user said.

Meanwhile, Esther Bartkiw, a Canadian living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said: “Trudeau has gotten away with everything, corruption, bullying of females, lies, groping, #blackface, showing up to work high, not showing up to work, spending money we don’t have, open borders, not answering questions. I’ve lost faith in my fellow Canadians.”


Many also called out Trudeau for beginning his victory speech while Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer was conceding defeat. 

“Classless. Trudeau ignores agreement to wait for runner-up to finish his speech first, and doesn’t even mention opponents by name,”  said Derek Fildebrandt, president and CEO of Wildrose Media Corporation.

Another Twitter user wrote: “A complete lack of respect for each other by the leaders of the three main Canadian parties. To get up and start your speech while another party leader is speaking makes you a really low form of life.”

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