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Oklahoma woman created successful weight loss and lifestyle improvement program – Oklahoman.com

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“Everyone has to start somewhere,” Simpson said, and she tells people to jump in full force. She said she believes the motivation to start a diet is tied with one’s emotional state.

After the first session, members move into a long-term group, and the clients begin to thrive, she added.

“They interact together, and not only about weight. They encourage and affirm each other in messages. There’s a lot of feedback that comes from other group members,” Simpson explained.

About the program

All FWL clients “check in” during the week using the Facebook group page. At midweek, members tell how the week is flowing. Members post weekly menu and food plans, as well as exercise goals. And, one day per week, members weigh at home for accountability and to show progress. The number on the scale is never revealed, but each member posts personal weight losses or gains in ounces and pounds. When a four-week session ends, members post total loss or gains in ounces and pounds and body measurements. No photos or body weight numbers are publicly posted.

There are no pills, powders, vitamins or drinks for FWL members to buy or consume. The monthly fee covers private text or online sessions with Simpson when needed. She answers online questions, and posts recipes and menu ideas, as well as at-home fitness routines.

Participants do not need fitness equipment, shoes or clothes because exercise can be done at home. Participants walk, run, jog, cycle, spin or go to a gym or pool. No matter one’s choices for body movement, Simpson encourages people to exercise in a way that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Simpson calculates calories and determines the macronutrients each participant can consume and lose weight. She divides nutrients into grams: protein, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar and fat. Each person tracks meals by adding foods into a smartphone app.

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