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Choose a garden to suit your lifestyle – Shelbyville Sentinel News

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Gardens come in all sizes, shapes and looks, so grow

what you want, whatever you prefer.

Decide first, and then educate yourself about how to

grow what you chose. A green thumb is more than an innate

ability, it can be learned.

Is beauty most important? Grow a lovely flower garden.

Do you want the satisfaction of eating food you grow for

your family? Then crops like tomatoes, zucchini and beans

might be the way to go.

Or do you want a mix of beauty and practicality? If so,

create a hybrid garden with flowers, crops and maybe some

herbs, but the way you grow your garden may depend on

your experience and how much space you can devote to the


Type of garden

Choose a garden type that fits your landscape instead of

the opposite.

Whether flower or kitchen gardens, how you plant may

determine success.

Raised beds and containers are a good option for inexperienced

gardeners and those with only a small amount of


Raised beds have the advantage of better soil and weed

control, said Kyle Peacock, Shelby County Extension agent

and horticulturist. “Plus, it’s easier on the back they say.”

Gardeners with limited space can plant peppers, tomatoes

and some bush beans in containers.

Cucumbers, squash and zucchini require more space.

“Container, vertical and garden walls give you more space to

grow,” according to Morning Chores online.

And there are factors to consider before you choose.

Considered approach

Several factors go into choosing a type of garden, according

to Basics of Gardening online.

If you have limited space, consider a container garden or

a vertical garden with climbing flowers or vine crops such as

green beans.

If you’re a beginner, start small and try easy crops such as

tomatoes, zucchini or watermelon.

Are you physically able? If you have trouble bending

to weed and water, choose plants that don’t require a lot of


If you want plants that keep producing, onions are one

and done, while green beans and tomatoes keep going

throughout the season.

If you can buy fresh, home grown veggies at reasonable

prices at farm markets, you can plant something less available.

Above all, educator yourself and learn from your mistakes.


Herbs can add unique color to any garden, and they

enhance the favor of homemade dishes. Herbs are versatile

and can be grown in plots, containers, raised beds or in a

parterre, or ornamental designed garden according to helpfulgardener.


Potager or kitchen gardens can also be ornamental and

useful. These gardens use color, texture and patterns to

create something beautiful as well as productive.

Edible and non-edible flowers may be part of a potager

garden. Flowers and herbs are often planted in kitchen gardesns to enhance a garden’s beauty.

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