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Lifestyle Budget for Friday, April 20, 2018

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^Dogs that can sniff out electronic devices enlisted in the fight against child porn<


The 1 1/2-year-old dog, owned by the Lake County state’s attorney’s office since November, is trained to detect a chemical used in the manufacture of electronic storage devices, and that allows him to sniff out tiny gizmos often used to stash images of child pornography.

700 by John Keilman in Chicago. MOVED


^NIU senior honored for work advocating for undocumented students<


Laura Vivaldo Cholula is set to receive the 2018 Emerging Leader Award from the Illinois Latino Council on Higher Education (ILACHE) at Illinois State University in Normal. The award is given to a student attending one of the state’s public universities.

650 Mike Danahey in Elgin, Ill. MOVED


^After Southwest incident: Should child safety seats be required on airplanes?<


They will plan to hold their children in their laps, unrestrained.

But, if anything should reinforce the need for child restraint seats on airplanes, the recent emergency landing of Southwest Flight 1380 should, said Jan Brown, a former flight attendant who survived the 1989 crash landing of Philadelphia-bound United Flight 232, which killed 111 passengers in Sioux City, Iowa.

800 by Mari A. Schaefer. MOVED



^To treat pain, PTSD and other illnesses, Tennessee vets try tai chi<


“Cloudy hands to the right, cloudy hands to the left,” he tells them, referring to the move traditionally known as “cloud hands.” “Now we’re going to open your arms, grab the wheels and 180-degree turn.”

The participants swivel about-face and continue to the next pose. Guo modified the ancient Chinese martial art to work from a seated position. Even though many of those in his class don’t rely on wheelchairs for mobility, using the mobile chairs makes it easier for them to get through a half-hour of movement.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has given $120,000 in grant money to Guo to spread his special wheelchair tai chi course. He started in Chattanooga, Tenn., and has expanded his classes to Murfreesboro.

900 by Blake Farmer. MOVED


^’Eat, Drink and Be Murray:’ 9 things to know about the new Caddyshack restaurant<

MURRAY-RESTAURANT-9THINGS:TB — The first Murray Bros. Caddyshack restaurant opened 17 years ago in St. Augustine, Fla. Why did it take so long to come to Chicago?

“We don’t do things real fast,” Andy Murray said.

“As a matter of fact,” Bill Murray added, “we’re still painting the house.”

1100 by Teddy Greenstein in Rosemont, Ill. MOVED


^He’s young. He’s awkward. And he’s selling out clubs<


After all, here’s a 19-year-old Chicano kid who left college to release songs on Bandcamp. He’s awkward in crowds and intimidated by most human interaction.

He’s also a super buzzworthy musician.

Noisey called him a wunderkind.

400 by Joshua Tehee. MOVED



HOME-HOTPROPERTY:LA — Moves later on Fridays.



^ Quinn on Nutrition: Nutrition affects cancer risk<


550 by Barbara Quinn. MOVED




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