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The Good Ole Boy & Girl JV Network Welcomes Health Advertisers to Promote Their Products & Services on Targeted Health Email Lists – PRNewswire

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POWDER MOUNTAIN, Utah, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Advertising anything health related has become almost impossible on the big ad networks.  For those who are lucky enough to get approved, their advertisement might be short lived. 

Many health advertisers can be shut down even after being approved and if you have a lot of fixed expenses or are dependent on clicks to your website from these networks, it can be a very painful for everyone involved if the traffic just stops one day. The industry term for this is called “the righteous slap”.

So who are these businesses offering health service and products and where can they advertise their products and services without being judged unfairly?

Most of these business owners are passionate people who started their health business out of necessity or because they saw a need in the exploding health marketplace where people from around the world are seeking natural health solutions.

Some business owners sell healthy eating cookbooks and others offer health food that can be delivered to your door.  Some sell supplements with studies behind each ingredient and others offer weight loss advise, programs and coaching to people from around the world. 

There are no limits to the types of helpful health products available at our finger tips and the borders that use to confine marketers no longer exist.  The world is looking for new and innovative ways to stay healthy and look younger.  They’ll try anything and everything if you can strategically place your offer in front of the right audience at the right time.

So where are these health business owners to go if they want to reach these people from around the world who are looking for unique health products, services or programs?

The answer is, targeted health email lists.

In case you didn’t know, email is still the hottest marketing trend in the world and the reason it’s so popular is because the people who manually subscribe enjoy reading their daily emails.

What’s even better is that once someone purchases a product from a health-related business, 91% of those buyers want to hear from the company they did business with via email *source Sleeknote.

When these subscribers get an email from a trusted company or person who endorses your products or services (this is known as warm traffic), the chances of making sales increases significantly.

That’s the exact reason why email traffic can be so valuable for your health company.  If you are a health advertiser whose product gets promoted on these types of health email lists, you can create a steady stream of customers.

The Good Ole Boy & Girl JV Network has agreements with many health lists who will promote your offer if you agree to our terms.

Scott Palat the creator wanted to bring health email lists and product owners together in a new fun way that creates a win/win for both parties.

Health advertisers can request promotions from any of our health lists. The directory shows the list size, how it was built, the demographic and estimated clicks per send.  You can request to cross promote each other or you can pre-pay a 25% discounted rate.

The CPA/Flat Rate hybrid deal allows the advertisers to pay a discounted fee or the higher amount if the sales commissions ends up being more than the discounted rate.

For any health advertiser who is serious about getting targeted clicks to their offer and is open to supporting others the same way they are supporting you, please join this exclusive club by going to GoodOleJvNetwork.com.

About us: The Good Ole Boy & Girl JV Network has been operating since 2018 and helps health related businesses market their products & services to targeted health email lists.

Media contact:
Scott Palat

SOURCE The Good Ole Boy & Girl JV Network

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