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Health authority issues warning over non-medical health treatment products

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Alpha Mete brown rice
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The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is gravely concerned over mounting sales of non-medical health treatment products in the country.

In a statement issued today by the Ministry, Permanent Secretary Dr Tenneth Dalipanda said recent cases have been brought to the Ministry’s attention involving patients discharging themselves, or their family members having decided to use these privately purchased non-medical health treatment products.

He said such treatment products are not medically verified to provide any health benefits and he is concerned using them as an alternative to recommended health treatment could endanger their lives.

Senior Pediatrician at the National Referral Hospital, Dr Titus Nasi cited a case in point where a couple intentionally discharged their child to be treated with a non-medical health treatment product called alpha light and alpha meta rice instead of the recommended F100 milk feed. Unconfirmed reports said the child later died.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Dr Dalipanda described reports of certain medical workers encouraging and selling such non-sanctioned and non-medical products at certain health facilities in the country as “very alarming”.

He said it is wrong for health workers to prescribe or recommend products not listed in the country’s Standard Treatment Guidelines and protocols of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

He advised that people refrain from buying such products that are not clinically proven, but listen only to the advise of qualified health practitioners and doctors who have a wealth of experience serving people in the country.

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