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GreenDog remedies offers healthy products for pets and humans – Leavenworth Times

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When Jodie Shaffer and her wife Amy started GreenDog remedies three years ago their products, which had previously been made for their pets and family members, made their debut at Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka.


When Jodie Shaffer and her wife Amy started GreenDog remedies three years ago their products, which had previously been made for their pets and family members, made their debut at Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka.
As pet groomers they had often seen animals that had skin, ear and anxiety issues and they wanted to be able to offer some options to help their clients provide some relief to their pets.

They wanted to offer a more natural approach to treating issues that make animals uncomfortable. Bypassing the harsh chemicals that are often contained in over-the-counter medications, flea treatments and treats was their goal in starting the business. “We believe our critters deserve the best,” says Jody.

“We know that we won’t be able to groom for forever, so we knew we needed a less physically taxing avenue in which we would still be able to help animals,” says Jodie. “While we don’t have a brick and mortar shop for just GreenDog products,   you can find a large variety of our products at Gypsy Meadow Herbs at 211 N. 7th. We keep a small sampling of products at  our grooming salon. Products can also be ordered online on our website at www.greendogremedies.com.”
Pet owners often ask Jodie and Amy about issues concerning itchy skin, allergies and flea problems. They continue to develop new products to add to their already large variety of treatments. They also offer custom-made products if a specific animal needs something they don’t currently offer. “Please, just email us with what you are looking for,” says Jodie.

Their unique products are many and some of their most popular are:
Road Trip. This car sickness remedy is a favorite. It was formulated to help pets that have motion sickness issues by addressing the anxiety that usually builds into a messy situation. For that reason, it is not only good for car sickness, it can help those that have problems with separation anxiety and senility-based anxiety. This formula can also be used by people that have motion sickness issues.
Perky Eye Serum works great to lighten under-eye circles and reduce under eye puffiness.

Belly Up Tea blend was formulated to help with all things digestive. It can help soothe an upset belly as well as provide support for those animals with ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome as well as other digestive issues.

Among their favorite products are Flea Bites. They are flea and tick preventative treats that are given to your dogs and cats twice daily. They work by building up in your pet’s system and ultimately putting out a smell that is undetectable to our noses, but make them unattractive to any potential parasitic friends. They do have to be given twice daily and on an ongoing basis to remain effective. We have had great success with Flea Bites as long as they stay on them consistently.”

As people become more aware of the health threats to their pets with over-the-counter products, flea treatments and non-nutritious food and treats they are looking for safer ways to help their animal companions.

“People have been taking many steps towards a more natural approach to many things in their lives,” says Jodie. “Many are working to grow their own food, and buy locally raised meat, eggs, and milk. Many are trying hard to reduce the harsh chemicals they use to clean their homes by making their own or buying more natural cleaning products. All these things, plus more are just part of the bigger trend to take better care of ourselves as well as our families and that includes our critters.”
Jodie and Amy say that other common health problems that animals experience are easily treated with GreenDog’s Cooling Anti-Itch Paw Soak which can help bring relief to red, itchy, irritated feet that they see pretty commonly.   Rough dry paw pads, noses and elbows can be softened with the Paw Balm.

“Herbal Ear Cleaner is a great ear cleaner for pets with normal, dirty ears, but it also brings relief to those pets with red, irritated, yeasty-smelling, and ear-mite-infested ears,” says Jodie. “It is the only ear cleaner we use at our grooming salon Hair of the Dog. Hot Spot powder works to help ease itchy, oozy hot spots. We like using a powder over an ointment because it sits lighter on the skin so it doesn’t draw as much of your pet’s attention to the hot spot which allows the powder more time to be on the skin to help the hot spot.”

GreenDog also helps humans with common health challenges.
Salves such as Lavender, Dandelion, Arnica, Calendula, Rose Petal and BooBoo Salve are offered. “Boo Boo Salve helps soothe minor skin injuries such as cuts, scrapes, scratches, bug bites,” says Jodie. “The blend of infused oils included in this salve are safe to use on little ones as well as your critters.”

Fire Tonic, Cold & Flu Oil and Elderberry Elixir Kits are popular in cold and flu season and several of GreenDog’s products are made just for babies and new mothers such as Happy Birth-day Bath Tea, which is a sitz bath. (A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath that cleanses the perineum.) For babies cutting their first teeth as well as teens whose wisdom teeth are causing discomfort, Teething Tea can offer relief. Gripe Water can provide relief for colicky babies.

“We have a Moisturizing Balm that helps soothe diaper rash and a Baby Bottom Powder which is a talc-free herbal powder option,” says Jodie.  “We have several skincare products like facial steams, clay masks, under eye serum, and acne fighting pads, foot soaks and bath teas. We also carry herbal eye compresses which are great to have in your first aid kit for any minor eye issues like irritation and pink eye.”
Since many dogs and cats have to be anesthetized for teeth cleaning Jodie and Amy developed Plaque Attack dental powder that works with the enzymes in your pet’s saliva to help break down plaque as well as helping to keep new plaque from forming.
“Plaque Attack is not a substitute for veterinary dental care,” says Jodie. “The best time to start using Plaque Attack is right after a professional dental cleaning. It is a great alternative for pets that don’t handle anesthetic well.”

They also offer classes at Gypsy Meadow Herbs on a monthly basis for those interested in learning about herbs. Classes for kids are also available where they can create herbal moon sand and herbal play-doh which they can take home and treasure.
Find out more about GreenDog on the website at www.greendogremedies.com as well as on facebook and instagram.
They can also be reached by email at jodie@greendogremedies.com with questions or concerns.

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