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Unique DietManager App Designed for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Now in Limited Beta Testing

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LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DietManager Inc. (https://ibd.dietmanager.com/) recently launched its newest app version from a series of apps that help individual dieters, dieticians and diet publishers streamline and follow specific diet plans which are fully customizable and tailored to dieters’ needs. In time for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day (IBD Day) on Saturday, May 19th, DietManager has included an IBD diet along with its more popular diets like the macrobiotic and ketogenic. Poised to become an indispensable tool of the diet management industry, DietManager is currently signing on new users now.  

DietManager is a 21st century approach to the old discipline of diet management. Using a complex algorithm that literally learns as it goes, DietManager applies the power of AI to the science of diets and weight loss. It is engineered to track the complicated meal plans and daily dieting which are a tedious part of the lives of those suffering with illnesses like Crohn’s Disease. DietManager utilizes daily input from users in a feedback loop that becomes more useful every time a user interacts with it. DietManager also comes with a built-in feature that allows individuals like Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD) patients to connect and share safety concerns about the various dietary constituents.

Upon visiting the website, users select a specific diet, then begin to pick a meal plan from an ever-growing list of ingredients and recipes. DietManager works via SMS and text messaging, keeping track of all of the user’s choices as it optimizes the diet plan in real time. Dieticians can also customize specific master-plans for all of their patients. Such plans are then informed and tailored by each patient’s own inputted data. No longer do patients have to rely on the potentially dangerous “fake news” aspect of fad diets spread across Facebook and the Internet.

DietManager is fully integrable with other fitness programs like Fitbit’s activity trackers and smart scales and can use that information in specific ways. Learning from a user’s daily activity for instance, DietManager can immediately apply such data to that user’s individual diet plan; either by adding food as a reward for completing additional exercise, or removing sweets to account for calorie loss needed.

Users are encouraged to give the DietManager’s directing AI as much information as possible from day-to-day: including emotional states, how one feels about a specific food, whether a menu item was tasty or caused stomach upset, changing preferences, etc. There is even an allowance for users to upload pictures, which is of specific interest to those dieters with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease who need to monitor their daily eliminations. DietManager can be as general or as specific a diet guide as the user desires.


DietManager Inc. is a health and nutrition technology company founded by programmer, Arion Hardison. The DietManager application was originally created as a response to Arion’s own battle with Crohn’s Disease. Hardison crafted an AI program that learns as diets change and adapts to new dieting needs. DietManager is about to become the go-to digital resource for diet recording and management.

Learn more about all the diets at https://www.dietmanager.com/.


Arion Hardison, Founder & CEO

SOURCE DietManager Inc.

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