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The 24 Best Luxury Beauty Products to Spend Your 2019 Tax Return On – Allure Magazine

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Money can't buy happiness but it sure as hell can buy a whole lot of beauty products — and beauty products make us very, very happy. The caveat, however, is that they have to work. A price tag doesn't always mean that it will, but if we're going by logic here…shouldn't it? Yes, there are scores upon scores of beauty products that perform splendidly and for so much less money, and that is totally great. But maybe you just want to feel like a fancy bitch for a while, or maybe you have a fancy bitch in mind who deserves a really luxurious beauty gift. There's a time and a place for all the pretty things that are packaged, formulated, and designed with every detail in mind, and that place is your vanity (and probably at least once in the morning and, give or take, maybe a couple nights a week).

Not that you need an occasion to use luxury beauty products, and not to trigger your lament of all the luxury beauty products that have broken your heart in the past, but let's talk positively instead about the super fancy beauty splurges that are totally and completely worth it. Sure, it might mean skipping not-totally-necessary cab rides or nights eating out a couple times a week, but a glowing complexion is honestly a pretty good trade-up. Check out a few tried-and-true luxury beauty products that have been Allure editor approved.

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