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Drew Barrymore Shares the Crazy-Good Results from Her Natural Beauty Experiment

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It’s been a hot sec since Drew Barrymore posted that insane photo of her beauty collection. Now, the Santa Clarita Diet actress is finally back with another installment of her “Beauty Junkie Week,” in which she posts a new beauty tip or product on Instagram every day. During weeks past, the founder of Flower Beauty has shared everything from her favorite eye lubricant and pain-relieving pads to the “gold standard of face masks.” This week is already off to a promising start with a skin treatment, natural remedy, and plenty of product recs. (Related: Drew Barrymore Lost 20 Pounds While Filming Her Netflix Series)

Let’s dive right in, shall we? On day one, Barrymore shared a no-makeup selfie and revealed that Clear + Brilliant laser treatments (a noninvasive procedure available at your derm’s office) have worked wonders on the melasma she developed after having her children. (Related: Why Lasers and Light Treatments Are Really Good for Your Skin

Next, she shared a classic piece of skin-care advice: Always extend your skin care to your neck and chest. It’s sage advice since your neck tends to show aging before your face, but Barrymore admits it’s one of those practices she tends to skip herself. 

The following day, Barrymore shared an unconventional use for a cult-favorite product. She uses Evian’s natural mineral water on her hair instead of her skin. “It literally has that perfect atomizer that distributes perfectly for waves and curls,” she writes. “Almost like the diffuser on your hair dryer. It can give the hair gentle beachy waves when minimally sprayed on dry hair.” Considering Barrymore is known for her perfectly tousled beachy waves, this is clearly a tip you’re going to want to add to your summer hair routine. (Related: 3 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Texture This Summer

Here’s where things get interesting. Day three of Beauty Junkie Week included a natural remedy. It all started when Barrymore ended up with a “giant bite or reaction” on her face. She tried aloe vera to no avail, she wrote. Then she kicked it up a notch, going straight to the source, and placed a chunk of meat from an aloe vera plant from her backyard on her face for a few hours. 

…and the red spot finally cleared up! “I had even tried bleaching creams, and nothing was getting the red spot off my face until this natural remedy,” she wrote. In fact, she’s such a fan that she keeps an aloe vera plant in her apartment in New York City so she always has it on hand when she can’t just grab it from her backyard. “It’s also amazing for cuts, scrapes, and especially burns. It’s a must have to have around. In any form,” she continued.

She also posted a snap of the removed skin (which didn’t go over well with all of her followers). “For those few who benefit from this, there are too many who think I am a freak! I get it,” she captioned another photo. “Beauty Junkie Week is not for the faint of heart sometimes.” (Related: Drew Barrymore Had the Best Response to Instagram Haters)

Post-experiment, Barrymore recommended Juara’s radiance enzyme scrub. She says she uses it three times a week, and it’s the most effective product she’s found for making the pores around her nose less noticeable, she wrote. (Also worthy of mentioning, Barrymore promised that just like with past Beauty Junkie Weeks, she isn’t paid to push any particular products, although she does tag her own brand, Flower Beauty, in the posts.) 

Next, Barrymore branched out into nutrition-based beauty, sharing two supplements that she adds to her water. She likes Sakara’s Beauty Water concentrate and 8Greens tablets, made from real greens. Barrymore took it as an opportunity for some real talk, adding that although she tends to compare herself to other women who are seemingly always put-together, the ritual helps her feel like “a responsible grown-up.”

“I can put some stuff in water and feel good about myself and picture that I am in light linen clothes and I have my s!$t together!” she added. (Here are more products that turn basic water into a fancy health drink.)

Fellow beauty junkies are excited about this week (even the gross before-and-after photos), and can’t wait to see what other beauty realness Barrymore has in store.

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