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Doctor Calls Popular CBD-Infused Beauty Products ‘Minimally Beneficial’ – CBS Los Angeles

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TARZANA (CBSLA) –  The beauty market is buzzing with cannabis-infused products. From self care to skin care, people are shelling out the big bucks – but is it really working?

Products like bath bombs, oils, and face creams infused with cannabidiol (CBD) are being used as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and are even helping with eczema.

As the use of hemp-derived CBD grows in popularity, CBD-infused products are now popping up in local retail stores.

Jericha Thomas says she loves her CBD-infused skin creams, stating, “I have it in my face creams and stuff it’s supposed to help with that interesting…It’s supposed to relax your face and make it smoother and stuff.”

UCLA student Teresa Moore says, “I use it for my beauty products.”

Popular make-up retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty already carry CBD-infused products ranging in price from $30-$60, though they seem to sell out quickly.

A sold out supply of New CBD Cannuka body lotions, cleansing bars and balms. (credit: Jasmine Viel/CBS)

According to Dr. Frankel Allen, “When we take CBD it has direct effects on the receptors in our skin.  I can see that it’s still worth the benefit because you can make it so much less expensive.”

Allen has long studied the medicinal effects of cannabis but he doesn’t put a lot of weight into these popular CBD products.

“When it comes to these types of products, the good components of cannabis are being stripped away” said Allen.

He went on to call the products “minimally beneficial” and explained, “I’m not anti hemp, just pro whole plant cannabis medicine.”

Even with the doubters, CBDs’ reportedly powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties and lack of psychoactive effects make it attractive to consumers.

As CBD hits the mainstream, Hollywood stars from Kim Kardashian to NBA players are singing high praises for the beneficial properties.

Best Actress nominee, Melissa McCarthy, reportedly applied CBD oil to her feet before the Oscars to help with her uncomfortable high heels.

The rise in attention CBD has received has experts saying this growing industry could reach $25 billion dollars globally within the next decade.

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