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'Clean' & 'Natural' Beauty Products Are Nonsense, Says Derm – Refinery29

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Always on hand to bust skincare myths, Dr Mahto took to Instagram earlier this week to rubbish ‘clean’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘safe’ and ‘natural’ labels on products. “‘Clean beauty’ seems to keep hitting my radar,” Dr Mahto wrote. “It is quite clear that beauty industry trends are simply providing what the consumer wants: a concoction of plant-based goodies for us to smear ourselves in, devoid of those toxic chemicals. You know the ones. The ‘nasties’ that cause cancer and disrupt our hormones. Supposedly, anyway.⁣” Then came the bombshell for beauty obsessives: “‘Non-toxic’, ‘clean’, ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ are all marketing terms when it comes to skincare. They have no legal definition.”

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