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Chic CBD Beauty Products Perfect for 4/20 and Beyond – L'Officiel

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The past few years have been revolutionary for cannabis industries as laws change and attitudes shift to focus on healing properties. Testimonies of the plant’s medical benefits seem to be everywhere, hemp has become a popular ingredient in health-focused recipes, and polls show over half of Americans now support marijuana’s legalization. But while this means discussing your 4/20 plans is more socially acceptable than ever, the cannabis-based ingredient of the moment is undeniably CBD. Free of THC, the compound won’t get you high, but it still promises some of the key calming benefits that have made many embrace its psychoactive cousin in the first place. For many millennials, AKA members of the recently-dubbed “burnout generation,” vape pens and sparkling waters featuring CBD provide hope towards combating the stress of daily life, whether on their own or alongside weighted blankets, meditation, and therapy sessions.

With all this impossible-to-ignore hype, it’s no wonder that CBD has now made its way into a slew of beauty products. California brands have been ahead of the game, embracing the potent ingredient for a while alongside increased cannabis legalization, but last year’s Farm Bill brought CBD and hemp nationwide. More and more labels have been hopping on the trend, which has created a meeting point between the cannabis and skincare markets. CBD beauty means luxury vape brand Beboe now makes face masks, Josie Maran created Skin Dope to explore cannabis-based oils, and skincare junkies can now explore products with an added layer of healing, calming function. Whether you want more purpose behind your mental health practices, are curious to see how the compound will transform your skin, or simply want to see what the hype is all about, there’s truly a CBD beauty product for everyone. See six of the best below, and get ready to look and feel more chill for 4/20 and beyond.

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