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Years ago, folks just took their products at face value. Whatever moisturizer, body cream, shampoo or mask was most popular was what many people used. Thanks to social media and YouTube, beauty products effectiveness is incredibly easy to learn about and it has made it possible to get the best products out there and compare. However with that comes more scrutiny from consumers—and moms. Research has come out that certain products are not the best and many brands have begun to labeling products “free” of these certain “dirty” ingredients. From parabens to phalates to fragrance, these have become bad words to those who are more cognizant of the using products with these chemicals. And it’s important to. These products go in our most vulnerable parts of the body, near out eyes and not just us adults. Kids are using products more now and even have their own makeup kits

Enter the rise of people wanting to use products that are made from natural products. Because if the products aren’t synthesized, or are actual chemicals, they’re safer. And products that are hand-made or smaller in scale, like from homemade businesses, tend to fit this bill. Of course bigger brands have made the effort to be safe, but it seems more common to have complete 100% natural products from a small business. That said, it’s harder to regulate, but the good thing is that the items we found below list all of their ingredients for transparency. Most are made with natural oils and plants. Others have ingredients that are considered “safe.”  While it’s up to each individual person to do their due diligence to find the safest products that work for them, we found a few that could be considered options. Because natural beauty is becoming more of a thing, it’s a lot easier to find the product one needs. And no, they’re not just for celebrities, either. Just people who want to know exactly what goes into the products they use in their lives. 

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